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Who’s a Good Fit ?

Accozen’s Sales Partner Program is perfect for, Hardware selling shops, Software implementation companies, sales and tax consultants and financial business advisors.


Implementation Companies

Software implementers who recommend software solutions and/or migrate data from existing systems. They work with SMBs and need a more lightweight recommendation for their clients.

Sales & Tax


Professionals who want to add more value to clients by teaching current selling methodologies and helping them adopt modern sales software, they also often work closely with clients throughout the year


Business Advisors

Advisors who work with executives to make organizational changes in a business. They help clients grow their businesses by identifying potholes in the company’s operating system and recommending software and training to fix them.

Exclusive Rewards in

Accozen Partnership Program

As a authorized sales partner, you can enjoy greater rewards and exclusive benefits including:

Interesting commission

1) Get higher sales with regular referrals.

2) Revenue sharing incentives for the lifetime of the customer.

Access to marketing and sales resources

1) Partners receive sales, marketing, and deployment training, for both technical and non-technical roles.

2) Partners gain access to an exclusive partner portal with frequently updated tools and collateral for sales, marketing, and deployment, including regionally-specific materials.


1) Upon joining the program, every partner receives support to assist them on everything from on-boarding to resolving customer issues.

2) You get to follow the regular events from Accozen that bring together partners with potential users of the service.


1) Partners receive an official media promotion.

2) Partners are also listed in our directory visible to potential customers globally with link to your web or email.

What’s in it for you?

Become a Accozen Sales Partner and build consulting services tied to Accozen’s software.




Revenue Share
Partner Toolset
Online Product, Sales and Business Growth Training
Dedicated Partner Manager
White-Labeled Lead Generation Content
Use of Accozen Logos & Partner Badge
Online Application
Sign Partner Agreement
Accozen Sales Software Certification

What Partners Love

About the Program

When you sign up as a Accozen sales partner, you get access to a free partner account that’s packed full of the following resources.

“I find most of the CRMs my clients use to be clunky with endless page loads and clicks. The Accozen CRM is the exact opposite. Setup is simple, tasks are automated, and rep adoption is higher than any other CRM we’ve worked with” – “Prabhakaran, Sales Executive”



As a Accozen sales partner, you’ll get access to Accozen product and services training for you and your team, including

  • Training on how to transform your business from project-based work to a recurring revenue model
  • Video training about our modern sales methodology
  • Certifications for Accozen’s sales software to help you differentiate your business.


and support

By joining the sales partner program, youre partnering with the growing CRM Platform and modern Sales acceleration tools that works directly inside a sales rep’s inbox. here’s what you get.

  • Accozen’s free industry leading accounting softwares, CRM and many more
  • Sales Productivity Softwares that combines modern selling with automation
  • Sales technology that integrates with daily workflows of sales executives.
  • Global call-in support available any time of day for your clients with an active Accozen subscription.



When you join Accozen’s partner network, you connect with a growing, supportive community of people who are working together to make sales and marketing more inbound

  • More than 1000 Accozen customers
  • 100’s of Accozen partners across the globe

We are

Proud to say,

“Our partners today deliver exceptional sales experience, coupled with all kinds of customization, integration or service requirements. With the continuous training, they are up-to-date with all the latest enhancements in the products and have the capacity to create more specialised and unique solutions for your business requirements. The large community of professionals working on our products ensures that the distinct requirements of your business get addressed instantly”




Becoming a sales partner is easy. Apply for Sales Partner program using the option given below. One of our Partner Success team will contact you to help you with the process.