Fashion Apparel

Fashion Apparel

Why Fashion Industry

  • Needs Apparel Management Software?

    • The market trends are changed daily and increasing the competition among cothing brands to attract more customers due to the variety in their choices ,offers and schemes.
    • Apparel management software supports the refreshment and updates the fashion bu organizing the inventory.
    • Helps to make better decision like placing new orders , implementing discount schemes, to classify the least selling and most selling items based on the sales data.
    • Retains more customers when everything on premises are interconnected.

Why Barcode Need in POS?

  • Intermittent series of thin and thick black lines with random numbers stacked underneath them.
  • Ease in Learning for Employees
  • Reduction in Human Errors

    • It is a reference number that is used to look for the information about a particular item an accurate and fast method of entering data that leads to better inventory management
    • In order to further accentuate the importance of having a barcoded inventory merged with your retail pos system, the following highlights should be enough to clear all doubts and uncertainities
    • Happy Customers: enhances customer satisfication since it helps to decrease the checkout time which can prove critical during peak shopping seasons
    • Makes the decision-making process easy and efficient
    • Better control of the inventory

Why Accozen POS ?