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All Features

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Streamline your voices & keep the receivables coming in

  • Create invoices that has a clear break up of the tax levied;break up
    CGST/SGST/IGST components
  • Convert the estimates into invoices effortlessly
  • Customise your invoice fields based on the products

How it Works ?

Accozen makes the invoicing effortless.Turning your estimates into invoice or adding a new customer in the invoice is simple and quick now


  • quick add customer – Add new customer by staying in the invoice page with our “Quick Add Customer” feature.
  • Create and manage refunds and apply them to your customer’s featurs sales.
  • Set payment terms on your invoice and track them to get paid faster.


Keep tabs on your stock

Manage your inventory and keep track of every product you buy and sell

View your quantities on hand

When you buy and sell products, your inventory quantities are automatically updated, making it to see what’s selling and what to reorder

Get real time inventory valuation

Inventory values are automatically adjusted in your balance sheet as you go about your day

Stay on top of purchase orders

Keep track of what you’ve ordered from each vendor.

  • Organise your products with categories, SKU, vendor details, cost & stock on hand.
  • Track your items from the moment you create them.Enabling inventory tracking helps you keep tabs on your stock levels of all times
  • Set recorder levels & get alerts before the stock level dips below your minimum.
  • Adjust your inventory instantly when stock gets damaged or lost.Make self counts easier by keeping inventory levels up to date.
  • Stay informed with detailed reports on your stock. See your stock on hand and current valuation at any time.


Turn data into information with Accozen Business Reports. View dashboards,reports and charts covering all your receivables, payables, inventory and more. Use your report data to make inferences and create robust, up-to-date business plans.

Get a 360 view of your business

  • See how your business is doing
  • Generate financial reports
  • Keep track of overdue invoices

Track specific parts of your business

See all your key information in one simple place with the online accounting dashboard. The dashboard shows your totals, receivables, sales, top expenses.

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Make informed business decisions

You don’t have to wait until the end of the month to generate business reports. Generate reports like Tax report, Payable report, Receivable report,

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Ready to get selling? Start with Accozen Sales Feature
Estimate, Confirm and Ship your orders without delivery errors with sales
Orders from Accozen.


Create estimates on the spot and add contact information, item details, and you’ve saved in. Send quotes in seconds as soon as a deal is won, no matter where you are.

go from estimate to invoice in a single step

Convert an approved estimate into a sales order, and then into an invoice!
Accozen makes it that simple.

get insights on your sales


Streamline buying with online purchase orders.
Create purchase orders effortlessly. Accozen maintains a complete history, and lets you convert purchases into bills with a single click.

convert purchase bills into bills

When you’re dealing with a vendor, you can instantly convert the purchase orders into invoices.

get insights into your purchases

Identify your top vendors and most frequently purchased products with real-time reports on your transactional history.